Which MOT centre??

Looks like I will be riding to the UK in a couple of weeks. The MOT is almost out on the bike - and may be out by the time I get there - so need to get it done. I will come in through Dover then up through London to W4.

Does anyone know of a good MOT test station along that route? Nothing wrong with the bike (I hope!)so not looking for an easy pass or the like…:wink:



Try Roger Hollingshead Motorcycles on 020 8314 1660. He’s in Catford which is not far off the A20, which might work.

I’d go Southern Cross in NW6 or Essential Rubber in N1.

+1 for Essential, top place, top service. bit out of your way but hey, you cant get any better.:smiley:

They get my vote too! :wink:

Southern Cross it is then… Is NW6 off North Circular (Park Royal?) ? Not been there for years and forgotten what little I knew:ermm: