Which London councils still allow parking on the pavement

I know Merton and Wandsworth still allow it as long as you dont block more than a third of the pavement, Lambeth (where they will steal the milk out of your coffee never mind your unchained bike) Camden and Westminster are definite no-nos. The others?

Oh no you can’t not in London …


I guess whats written in law and what is enforced, seems to be very different. Seriously, I live in Merton and go to Wandsworth a lot and Ive often parked on the pavements and like I said, as long as you are not obstructing the pathway, you are free and clear. In Merton you see lots of bikes parked on the pavements and locked to the lampposts. As long as you dont do it in the main high streets, seems ok. Thats my experience in 12 years anyway.

I have been told by traffic wardens that in my borough they don’t give tickets to motorcyclists, you can get caught on CCTV and get a ticket, but the traffic wardens won’t issue one.

I am with Art though, legally you can’t park on the pavement in Greater London, whether anyone will issue a ticket is another issue, but if you do park on the pavement know that if someone does issue a ticket, saying other people do it, or I have done it for 12 years and not got a ticket won’t work as a defence.

I know :slight_smile: Im looking for the insider track on where I can most likely be cheeky and get away with it :smiley: City of London is also a def no no

L B Newham :wink:

I was working there last year and parking the Bonne’ on the pavement too, so long as you wasn’t causing an obstruction the Enforcement Team would turn a blind eye.

The list, offered in good faith without any warranties …

LB Merton
LB Wandsworth
LB Kaos
LB Newham