Which LB member was it?

On the way in this morning going down the brockley high road (think that is what is called) saw someone on a black CBF and must have been their bloke on a following bike (that or he was cressing you for the fun of it) could not see what it was but it was a grey colour …

Then I saw you again (both of you) on the old kent road

Just wondered who it is…

Blueish Grey SV?

Keti and her fella maybe :smiley:

Miss Keti, caressing at the lights?

Surely not:w00t:;):smiley:

yer sounds about right only really saw that back but did have the SV rear lights…if it was Keti, she was wearing a black shoei helmet with a dancing ghost on the back (best way I could describe it)

If it wasn’t Keti - it was Keti’s lid!

Is this the lid?Brazen Hussey;):smiley:



Thats defo keti and cyphertheory(paul) loved up as usual awwww they is alway touchy feely:D

Nah, wasn’t me. I was on the way to work through Brockley and down the Old Kent Road. Oh wait…

Ok, if I was doing something I shouldn’t have been, it wasn’t me. If I wasn’t, then it was me :stuck_out_tongue:

So were you canoodling or trying to nick his keys?;):smiley:

Just trying to warm her hands:D

Lol probably won’t see you again was running well late this morning but if you ever see a honda pantheon in blue it will be me so say hello as I always take that route.

Awwwww, true love LB stylee


How nice to see 2 young people thinking of eachother in the name of love.:wink:

You’re just jealous!

Do you mean he`s jelous of Keti.:stuck_out_tongue:

What like you and Westie you mean John?!? :wink:

well Keti, its proved one thing, you cant hide :slight_smile:

Westie and i are just good friends.:wink:

I’ve not been trying to hide! And I was prolly just tryna hit his kill switch or something :stuck_out_tongue: