Which fuel brand do you prefer?

Please keep this relivant to bikes and the uk.

Only asking as I filled up yesterday with a brand Iv never used before (But I was on empty and it was the only station in site)

I filled up, but my bike didnt like it at all, so now im curious as to what people prefer and why…

Normally I use Shell and only Shell. Unfortunetly I couldnt find one… :frowning:

I use Sainsbury’s, but only because it’s close, conveneint and cheap, occasionally BP, but to be honest it doesn’t seem to make any difference and I don’t care. I have been thinking of going for the premium 97ron stuff, but haven’t been feeling flush enough to spend the extra dough.


911 takes 97ron :slight_smile:

Whatever’s convinient…never noticed any difference

I’m fairly sure it all comes from the same refinery anyway. Any differences are down to the way its stored and the additives they bung in before it goes on the forecourt.

I do tend to buy the higher octane stuff for the bike, just because it’s only 50p to a pound more per tank, but I probably wouldn’t notice a difference. Am I a victim of marketing? Possibly I guess, but hey, who cares, the bike rides well :slight_smile:

Shell or BP but thats only because they are the only ones I pass on the way to/from work

I stick with the likes of vpower and bp ultimate.

If I knew for sure that BP ulitmate had the least or no ethanol in it I’d just use that.

Might not be as much of an issue on newer bikes, but the effects of ethanol on plastics and seals and stuff arent worth risking in my opinion.

Plus I’ve got quite a few more miles out of the cbr since using the vplusnitro stuff.

Is that mpg?

miles per tank, might be because the last few weeks the route into works been clearer, few more tanks and we’ll see for sure.

I tried the V Power Nitro in my bikes , one likes it the other hates it !

I tend to use the higher octane stuff as I believe it is a bit cleaner for the engine , but again I may also be a victim of heresay !

Needless to say have used lots of different brands here and in Europe ( some dodgy places we stopped in Belgium ) and aside from the colour they seem to work !

Ive always found I get less mpg out of 97 ron, although the bike does seem to prefer it and has more urge to go. :smiley:
The only place I avoid (with a passion) is Esso. This is because they have a “no helmets” policy.
I know its childish, I understand about the image I’m presenting to cashiers as a potential robber and I respect they policy. However, I have a choice as a customer and because of this, I choose to go elsewhere.
I used to fill up every Friday morning at an Esso on the A419. For months and months they never said a word. Then they said I couldnt, unless I removed my helmet.
So I stop early and use the BP (I think it is) services at Membury instead now. F**k 'em.

BP cos that’s where the fuel cards and the nectar card work.

Unless your bike is specially designed for higher octane fuel, or has a knock sensor then you don’t get any benefit from RON97 or higher.

Most RON95 Premium Unleaded can have upto 10% Ethanol, most super unleaded don’t have the added ethanol or if it does it is at a lot lower levels.

I usually put RON97 or 98 in the SMT mainly due to the Spun Nylon tank.

Diesel has a RON rating of about 22.

I like to use Shell as I worked for them a long time ago. Plus Vpower sounds like it makes the bike go fast.

Interesting, My 990 ADV has the nylon tanks also, but the bike is specced to run on 95 ron max, even the manual says that there is no benefit to going higher, I wonder if that was in the pre ethanol additive days though when it wouldn’t have been an issue?

VPower Nitro Plus will make it go even faster !!! :smiley:

Disclaimer that its all actually a load of pish !

Worked with someone whose other half worked for Shell, he always said never use the supermarket stuff as they don’t add any additives to help
run a cleaner engine. Now not sure if that was to make me buy Shell or not, but tend not to use supermarkets as they are always busy :smiley:

Yeah feck esso, remove my helmet sod off I say :w00t:

Wherever’s cheap - preferably somewhere with pay at pump.

On my commute, that happens to be Shell but I have no particular brand loyalty

“Worked with someone whose other half worked for Shell, he always said never use the supermarket stuff as they don’t add any additives to helprun a cleaner engine.”

Ive heard this too but never seen any conclusive proof. I did once see on Fifth Gear a test for claimed bhp increase for the vpower type stuff. Results were that there was barely any difference between that and supermarket stuff, unless used in a highly tuned engine. (But that obviously was car engines, so I digress)
However, additives for a cleaner engine over the lifetime of an engine, would make interesting reading!

“Yeah feck esso, remove my helmet sod off I say” Good man :smiley: