Which comes first, the bike or insurance?

Forgive me for any possible repetition as I have found some, but I’m in a similar situation to the original poster of this one.

I am on the verge of buying my first bike, but when looking for an online quote (which, as I’ve read, seem to be the best prices) I cannot proceed until I have entered details for a bike - which I don’t have.

I will doubtlessly be buying second-hand, so the advice about dealers in some of the posts in the aforementioned thread doesn’t really help.
So do I try to set up the insurance after buying my bike/ before riding it either at the seller’s location or perhaps by vanning it home (and hoping nothing happens until I’m covered.
Or do/ can I get insurance based on the information (cc, make, model etc) about the type of bike I am interested in?

Aaaagghh! I’m a little confused by this.:blink:

A Varadero looks just right for me, but would it suit a first timer (especially insurance-wise)?
Thanks very much for any help,

If you have an idea of what bike you want and the year of reg, you should be able to get a quote online.

Tip: goto ebay. Find Bennetts ebay shop and get a quote via that. You get free leather & lid cover and it was £10 cheaper than going straight to the bennets site. Bennets have a few restrictions, like not letting you ride other bikes. Carole Nash is good, more flexible policies. My fella found some cheap companies via compare.com. He’s on a provisional/cbt licence and got me and him on the Kaw lemon 440ltd for £140! Cost me more than that for just me on my bike!

Shop about and take time.

Once you`ve agreed what bike you are going to have and have the details you can get insured straight away.

As bb said you can get a quote without owning a bike.

I always use to phone em up and say i am thinking of getting said model of bike ands want a rough idea of wot the insurance may be, silly if you buy bike and then cant afford ya insurance.

I now get bike first then insurance after, from a private sale.

You can literally ring up and arrange insurrance whilst standing by the bike waiting to hand over the dosh to the seller if you want.

Just remember your credit/debit card:)

Thank you all very much for your replies and recommendations, I really don’t mean to labour the insurance point (I’ll move on to the leather v. textile discussion soon enough :wink: ).

I just decided to fabricate details for a couple of bikes I would like to go for and got a rough estimate with ebike.

Better than I expected! I’ll have to contact the council (Wandsworth) about installing a floor ring.

Cheers LBrs,