which colour???

hi all

i’m ordering my new bike today (MT-07) and am torn between two colours. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on which you believe looks better (i know this is subjective).

for me, it’s between the deep armor or the matt grey. i like the gloss off the deep armor but on the pics, in some light it looks very purple rather than a tint of it. matt grey i don’t think you can go wrong with but it’s a little more boring.

what are your thoughts?

deep armor


matt grey


Damn, that’s a nice bike in either colour!

Go for the armour, suits the bike (and there’s nothing wrong with a hint of purple :slight_smile:

My thoughts are that you should go with YOUR choice of colours, not that of a random, albeit totally wonderful, bunch of strangers. We’re not the ones paying for it and having to live with it, after all.

Oh i’m so jealous! I sat on one at Infinity on the weekend, such a cool bike!

Grey, but like Janey said, don’t listen to us!!

lol, i know. i like both colours so just thought i’d get everyone else’s thoughts

Where’s the blue option?

hmm i’m not a big fan of the blue one…i dunno, seems a bit ‘chavy’ to me

Cheeky feck

Chavy’s getting a Yamahha, don’t dis the blue :wink:

hahaha touche

ok i’m going there now, none the wiser on which one to choose lol. i’ll get there and do ip dip

If it was me I’d get grey but that shouldn’t have any real bearing on what you get.

The only thing I think about the deep armour colour is it might be more difficult to sell on when you eventually upgrade.
I know the purple Street Triple’s seem to hang around a bit- but deep armour seems to be a bit more subtle than the Triumph purple.

ok i went there and ended up going for deep armor. went for it for two reasons -

  1. it wasn’t as ‘purple’ as i thought it would be. looking as some pics, it looks quite bright but it actually looks black from a distance and only is the sunlight, you notice the plum colour which almost makes it look 2 toned.

  2. matt black is not available for even longer (unless i went for the ABS model).

so ordered my deep armor and will now just have to wait for September / October for delivery.



I saw the matte grey once at work and oh my world it looks amazing :wink:

haha…ah well too late

This will be the longest wait you will ever have lol

Nothing like picking up a new bike knowing your the first person to own it.

Enjoy twiddling your thumbs.

LOL PJ I guess your days ain’t going quick as well are they waiting for the s1000r :smiley:

Deep armor. Non-:Dbiker chicks will love that colour. They won’t ask what bike you’ve got, just the colour. Deep armor sounds way much better than matt grey.

Now the next question is do you want a non-biker chick :smiley:

Personal preference is grey.

But it’s your machine bud, go with your heart.