Which character are you?

Click the pic

LOL that was funny

I’m Luke Skywalker

I am Magneto from the X-men…

This is me gimli



yeah i can see the resemblance!!

I’m Londo Mollari from Babylon 5 … nice hairdo!

Well chuffed!!! He’s cool as F**k…



I’m Yoda.

I’m glad that I’m not Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) as I intend to have my wicked way with him some day, and if I WAS him, it would be masturbation, which would be no good 'cos I can do that anytime!

Terrific. I’m Wesley Crusher. What a knob.

I am Roy Batty fro Blade Runner…

Hey Micky was that you I saw in Vuxhall this morning?

Hahaha, love it, we could try and catch him together?

MickyWiz, yeah, I am him too, but who the hell is he???

Bugger off, lady! He’s mine! Mine, I tell you!

Have you never heard of sharing?

OK, how about I help you catch him and you help me catch Eomer? They are only on horses we’ve got to be quicker than them?

I will share lots of things - my sweeties, my toys, my money, even some of my bikes.

But I will not share Viggo!

James T Kirk

Now to boldly go…

Heres mine

Legolas Greenleaf



Jean-Luc Picard…

Set phasers to ‘Sudden Interest in Botany’!

Ah, John Sheridan…

Nothing like me:

Check the ‘how to spot a londonbiker’ thread…

i am kosh…and???