Which bus lanes can we ride in?

This site has maps of the TfL bus lanes that will be open to us from 5th Jan.


Some local authorities such as Ealing have decided to follow TfL’s lead and open their bus lanes too. Does anybody know which other local authorities have decided to let us use the bus lanes?

Dunno about other places, but the signs at the start of the lane will tell you everything, some have been bike friendly for a long time :slight_smile:

had a look at this last night, seems its not as many as you think, so be carefull…for example i couldnt find one in islington that bikes could use or in hackney…that was on teh maps, there is a few in hackney on the list tho…very confusing!

Hackney is one of the boroughs that opted out, isn’t it?

Lewisham nixed the trial, too.

Any that are on a red route

According to the TFL site there are quite a few which are red routes, don’t ask me which mind as my knowledge of London is not good enough for that?!? :blink:

I guess the main thing is to look out for this sign, or one similar at the start of all the bus lanes.

Looking at the maps those of us fortunate enough to live in South London I think will now be able to use all the bus lanes all the way in. I’m looking forward to seeing if it reduces my commute time next week.

Watch out for the Kennington Lane section of the A23. It isn’t a red route and is not shown as a bike friendly bus lane on TFL’s map as it is owned by Lambeth who only put most of it in last year when they resurfaced the road. Fortunatly there is rarely any congestion on that stretch other than on the Westminster Bridge approach so it is a strange place to put a bus lane.

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how confusing?

You can ride in bus lanes unless its wednesday, in kensigton, and you ride a green japanese bike registered after 1981…

you just know i’m gonna end up with a ticket on me door mat…

It looks like there’s going to be a ‘how is it going?’ survey on the TfL page.

We should make an effort to fill it in. Otherwise it’ll be packed with knee-jerk responses…

A503, A107, A10 and A5201 are all in Hackney and I’ve seen signs on parts of these routes on my travels today:)