which bike next?

Hey folks,

I’m in for a new bike, as I am getting bored of my z750 - which served me well for 2 years and 15k miles post-license.

I want something that is fast, cool looking, cheap to maintain, ride-able everyday, and reasonably comfortable to ride.

So essentially I want the impossible, but I am wondering what is closest to that idea.

The bikes i have on my list are the…

z1000 2010 - not as sharp as the other two, but still goes like stink and looks good
gsxr1000 09 - uncomfortable
Hayabusa 08 - heavier, perhaps less nifty in city centre traffic

What do you guys think? Pros / cons for each? Any other recommendations?



Don’t rule out the Fazer/FZ1 with half fairing, it’ll fit your requirements precisely.

And mine .

why is this in stolen bikes … or you planning not to pay for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. Damn - I didn’t know I’d posted in stolen bikes, I have given the game away. “Purchasing” a new bike, to me entails going to the bike parking bays in the city and then hot wiring the bike of choice and riding away.

Actually, I do wonder how much more nickable a sports bike is to say a z1k. Obviously anything that can be nicked will be, eventually. But I hear that pro thieves make extra effort for super sport bikes, and anything with a high price tag.

If you go for the Busa or Gixxer and ride into London every day then you’ve posted in the right section, save you having to re-post later when it gets knicked. What’s your budget? Do you only use it as a commuter or for touring and weekend blasts? I’d suggest test riding the CB1000Rr & Z1000, both great bikes. Would also suggest the Speed Triple but they seem to attract thieves as much as sports bikes.

I ride frequently, and tend to put about 8k miles a year including whatever winter riding I can get in.

But I also like to go out at weekends and have fun. My budget is about 7-8k (closer to 7 is ideal).