Which are the UK national club racing series?

Hi All, could you please list me all the “UK national club racing series” that you know?
Do you also know if there is a team in London attending one of those championships?
Then can someone tell me which are the UK legal and financial procedures and advantages to get a sponsor?


The British Motorcycle Racing Club (BMCRC) site is www.bemsee.co.uk , you’ll probably find more info there.

Also, www.motoforum.net is a forum dedicated to club racing.

Hope this helps!

Hottrax run the National Endurance Series:


I’m in London and entering a team in this series.

Not sure what you mean by the legal procedures regarding sponsorship. The process is pretty much just contact whoever you think might be a likely sponsor, and ask!

Does it mean that they are giving you money or goods for free?!?
Is there really people that is giving something for free?!?

Just to understand, for example in Italy all the money that a whoever Company is spending in sponsorships is fully deductible by the taxes that they will have to pay at the end of the year. Therefore if you have a proper Team you can issue a statement that the whoever Company is giving you XXX money for that year and the Company can use this statement to have the tax exemption.
Does it work in this way here in UK as well?

It is very compulsory to get sponsor for the racing purpose.And i think that people want to give sponsor to the Moto GP.Thanks for sharing this.

BMCRC <-------As a new Bemsee Rider I recommend this as my mates are doing this
Thundersport GB
New Era
Derby Pheonix
North Gloucester

Those are all I can think of at the moment hope these help!

If you want the fastest clubs it’s Thundersport and MRO. New Era Superclub used to be but Thundersport has taken over really from that. A good thing with Thundersport if your after sponsors is it is on tv also and they are VAT registered meaning you can claim VAT back on your entry fees!

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