which are the best all round gloves?

hi its time for me to get some new gloves too this year, and need some pretty much as soon as i can…
and was thinking about the alpine star ones as i know they been rated and test as one of the decent ones for safety etc
and a i wasnt sure if the spidi ones were any good…
and think dainese is mainly just the name…

which ones are good sport use ones?
good for summer aswell maybe… and i know i wont get slight water proof ones though since i have some winter ones luckly

I wear the Alpine Star SP-1s…

I’ve not put them to a “get off” stress test (thankfully) but the overall quality seems to be very very good. I’ve had them for a riding season and a half…no loose seams, nothing…good as new.



I bought a pair of Racer gloves at the NEC show and they are the best gloves i`ve ever bought. They are soft and comfy and well worth the £99.

hey i remember picking those up once to look at cause they caught my eye, how much did they cost?

I have A+ GP Pro’s and Revitt’s H20 for the crap weather. But am told Held are supposed to be the best

All depends on your budget

No budget, then go for the Alpinestars GP Tech as worn by Johnny Bravo…lovely…the gloves that is…RRP £159.99…just lovely

Next choice would defo be the Racer Airforce gloves. Racer is a specialist glove manufacturer, and well no one come close to the level of protection offered by these plain and simple RRP £99.99 - although the silver coloured ones are on special at the mo at £69.99

Third choice would be Joe Rocket GPX glove. Great feel from these Canadian gloves, as worn by just about everyone in AMA, Nicky Hayden is a share holder in the company! And they are worn by our very own Jay. Pittards leather means baby soft from day one, no breaking in required, and a very high abrasion protection.RRP £79.99 A full race version is avail. at £109.99 but the GPX are awesome value.

There said my bit

now, blade my dear, dainese isnt all name, hehe i use the fabulous dainese harpoon gloves, they are goretex and are extremley warm and waterproof, and they are comftable.

all my gear is dainese

I’ve worn out quite some gloves through the years, but the pair Held gloves I bought in 1989(=18years ago) are still alive. Leatherwork looks mint, all seams are ok, lining undamaged, still warm. not really waterproof anymore unfortunately, the impregnation and membrane obviously did not like it that I abused them as work gloves doing steelwork on a ship in wintertime…

Bought last autumn a Held All weather suit, was supposed to be waterproof, but after an hour in a monsoon my crotch was wet (nothing to do with my riding attitude)
Went back to the dealer, got a new trousers with many excuses, have put it to the test, had enough opportunities with real bad weather and have stayed dry in those critical places…

European made, German quality, real guarantee. I’d go for Held, their gloves range from some 40 to 160 quid.

GLF Accesories in Flitwick is the dealer I got my gear from.

I’ve gotta agree with the guys who recommended the Racer gloves.
I won a pair in the LB text competition about 6 months ago and I’ve got to say they are great gloves. They’re comfortable, didn’t take much breaking in and like it says on the packet, they’re completely waterproof too!

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