The Ginger one? (is he still gingering about?) Barro? (is he still alive even??)

M9? (is he still doing our bikes?)

Andrew? (is he still taking our action pics?)

Clinton? Da Artist…(ma man!!)

They gone to the dark side??? :smiley:

AND WHY THE HELL AM I NOT MENTIONED ON THERE?! How very dare you…:stuck_out_tongue:

Cause, my darling handsome young girlie you…we KNOW you’re always about…innit? :wink: luv you !!! kissy kissy

Fresh targets.All he does is moan about LB, probably because he’s run out of lies to feed us :rolleyes:

Hi shewolf - we met once over Poppins last year? I was riding a new R1.

You didn’t seem the type to get upset easily? What happened with you and the M9 man, I’m intrigued ( another way of saying ‘I’m nosy’ :wink:


Best pm for that answer?