Where's the rider's rides gallery thread?

I can’t find it. I’m sure it was called riders rides.

Was it this?

That’s the one! Thought it needed a resurrection.

Cool. It’s quite a thread. The super early stuff has a lot of link rot unfortunately. Images being hot-linked from their original hosting and the hosting no longer online. The new forum solves this by downloading and storing any hot-linked images though.

There’s also a problem with some ancient attachments. Need to get to the bottom of that.

What up Jay, been a million years since I have been on the forums although I check in every now and then. Good to see your still around and forums going well resurrecting some of the really old member bikes good to see those.

I have been searching for some of my old bike pics and just noticed the old thread having 1 image, when I first got the R1 well chuffed I found the picture on the forum.

Just need to dig through my old archives on a hard drive that’s not playing ball anymore so hoping I get that resolved.

Anyway. Great post dating back years.

I recently got back into biking after a few yearsout (about 10 to be exact) so might head to one of the meet ups if they are still going strong. Noticed a recent ride out to Brighton, if you folks have anymore planned I’d love to tag along.

Hey @R1Stan! Welcome back :slight_smile:

Yes, got to get the old pics back, it’s part of the LB heritage and nice to see what people rode! You should add your current ride too :slight_smile:

Meet and rides still going. Hope to see you at one.

Got an 899 Panigale, will upload some pics into the original thread.

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