Where's Rob when you need him

Have had to sort my own routes for a little jaunt to/from Slovenia.

So far have done:

Sunday afternoon tunnel them to hotel at Aalst near Brussels

Monday early start, motorway to Prum.
Prum to Cochem to Bingen
Motorways near Baden Baden. Ended up in France and then took B500 to Seebach

Seebach to Switzerland on B500
Local roads to Sisikon (On lake Luzern)
Shittiest hotel known to man.

Wed (today)
Up early to beat the forecast rain
Sisikon to Davos +via Austria somehow) onto Coredo, Italy.
Got drenched mid morning but dried out nicely in the afternoon.

Riding onto Tolmezzo and Friday to Slovenia.

Returning a week later,.stops at Maniago, me Bolzano, Titisee and Metz

Tried to do around 200 miles shortest route (apart from first and last slog days) and night before check forecast and do Twisties (around 250) if forecast ok.

Done a couple of early starts not possible with a group, woke up at 5 this morning and on road for 6 :sunglasses:


5am starts, 250 mile days, twisties, you’re living the life…

…and all I’ve managed this week is 140 miles, mostly a sortie to Letchworth that took on mostly traffic free Baldock Bends both ways :smile:

Then I dropped The 250 in a car park in front of too many onlookers :frowning_face:


Ah, Metz. Had our last night there on last summer’s trip. Arrived late, no restaurant at the hotel, hot chocolate from a vending machine for dinner.

Have a good one mate! What hotel in Coredo did you stay in? Ill look it up for future.
Can’t beat the Miravale, my all time fav

Hotel Sport. Stayed there before but fiik who with.

Very good option.

Coredo to Tolmezzo through the dolomites, fooking awesome.

Passo Giau with 29 hairpins on the way up! Lots of other passes, went through Cortina and pretty much lef the Sat Nav too it

On road at 7.15 and at hotel for 4pm. Think that’s better than a 9 to 6 day. Had a lazy afternoon after breaking it by lunchtime.

After the politeness and sturdyness of the German, Swiss and Austrian drivers, the Italians defo keep you on yer toes. Won’t be too rude as I know we have a couple of Italians on the site :flushed:


Love riding that part of the world. Keep being pulled back to it :slight_smile:
Enjoy mate!

Was there recently on my bicycle, bottled out of doing the Giau, managed Campolongo, Selle and a few others though! Truly magical part of the world.


Feel I should write a bit about Slovenia and Ljubljana.

Really nice place, easy to get around (would be easier with a Pratnav that works) and stunning scenary.

Feels very Italian, just without the shit bits. So the roads are better maintained, the driving is normal (like the Austrians), the streets are clean and the the whole place is super chilled relaxed

I don’t think I heard one raised voice, saw anyone getting arsey…just people super relaxed and polite.

Best roads are in the mountains, so Ljubljana played the role of a break, think Prague without oppressive crowds.

Now back in Maniago and tomorrow ride to near Bolzano…


Over the Stelvio on the way back?

No, done Stelvio a few times, not this year.

Today I did Falzargo, Giau, Pordoi, Campolongo and Sella.

Defo wouldn’t do it at a weekend again, loads of traffic compared to a week day, campers galore.

Tomorrow is a rest day so may do some walking before carrying on on Monday to Tittissee.

That’s a place not the name of a dodgy lap dance club. :grinning:


That sounds like a list of the passes I cycled in the Maratona just a few weeks ago, except Giau!

Lake Tittisee is good for a swim. Theres a municipal pool with a beach into the lake!

Made it to Tittissee and kept dry. Last time I rode this stretch I got drenched so nice to actually see the views this time.

Sadly, a British biker’s day didn’t end so well. Got held at a tunnel in Austria whilst they air lifted a guy to hospital. Firemen then cleared away the debris and brought out a UK plated KTM. Didn’t seem to have any obvious marks/damage so unclear what happened…hoping from that that he was ok as at least no other vehicle was involved.


Made it home.

Plan was to do 6 hours Twisties to Metz and then return home.

Left at 8 in pissing rain that got torrential. Stuff where you find shelter and just plug (to hotel) I to yer Satnav

So got to Metz for 2pm and dried out. Then checked the forecast for tomorrow (today) and thought “fxck that”, changed tunnel crossing and rode to Calais.

Calais for 9pm for a 10.30 crossing,.perfect until they had delays and am due to leave 90 mins late at midnight…

Get called to proceed at 10 and my queue jumping excellence kicks in. Through the cones, and another set meant avoiding most of the passport hold ups. Then bloke asked me my “letter” explained I was originally booked on 10.30 and was cold and wet …

So he put me on next one and I am on train with people who arrived 3 hours before me :sunglasses:

A12 and M11 closed so made for a fun ride back to Suffolk around half past midnight by the time I got home

So it better fcking rain all day!

The link prob only valid for today but check out that forecast! 100kph winds on top of the rain…feel for any poor fuggers on a cross channel ferry today.


Euro tunnel queue jumping is becoming a bit of a habit :wink:


You know how Joby offered Garmin training for route planning…I might offer an advanced Eurotunnel queue jumping session for the European traveler.

I was thinking you could easily print off a set of letters and then just pull out the right one to get on the next train irrespective :slight_smile: Might be a step too far but given yesterday I was facing a three hour wait…


I can confirm that high winds and torrential rain were features of my ride today from home to Chamonix. Dried up just before Geneva!

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…and its not looking good for a 750 mile camping weekend sortie here in the UK either

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