Didn’t he say he was coming to Cubana last night? He hasn’t posted anything for over a day, and whilst I’ve only been here for a few weeks, I already know that that’s unusual.

Has anyone got his phone no.? Please give him a ring and make sure he’s ok.


He is probably been nicked by the fashion police

either that or he finally found a bird!!

thats true…

he could still be suffering from the weekend…

Last i heard he was helping out with the new james bond film as Daniel Craig’s body double…

He’s got a lead role in the new Fantastic 4 film



he must of been on a CGI diet then

im here still suffering but now peeling, it was way 2 hot to go to cubana last night plus i had to be up at 2am this morning see you all next week

and no i havent got a g/f so any offers from girls would be grateful appricated

LOL Andrew LSD, nicely thought of you. I suspect he’s probably been berated for skiving off and has been spotted on the site.

Glad you’re ok, mate, despite becoming a human cocoon. I was going to say something distasteful about saving your shedding skin, but best not!

See you soon