Where to hire 125cc

Hi all,

I’ve recently completed my CBT with 0 past experience and I’ve been advised to ride a 125cc for a week or so before starting my A2 course.

I have been searching all over for places to hire a bike but am unable to find any that are a suitable distance away from me.

Does anyone know where I can rent a bike in the Uxbridge/hillingdon/hayes area?

Hiring a motorcycle can be very expensive, especially when you drop it and with zero previous motorcycle experience it really is a question of ‘when you drop it’. Better advice would be to buy a 125 geared motorcycle and run it around for 4 or 5 months to gain experience, then start the A2 course in the summer when you, the weather and the road conditions will be far better.

plenty of cheap Yamaha YBR 125’s on Autotrader Bikes

and you’ll have something to trade in on your first ‘big bike’ and get some of your money back too.


at £150 a week, its not that expensive


Depends on what they mean by


Factor in the £500 excess for damage (I’m sure they will find some) and you are up to £650 for one week.

The longer you hire it for the better as you can then spread the excess over the total.

Say 4 weeks £600 + excess = £1,100

Fair enough. My idea was to ride a 125 through winter and spring, gaining experience and starting the A2 course in the summer.

Maybe I’m just a soft southerner although I did take my Category A Test on a wet, cold January morning wearing little more than 501’s and a Harrington.

If you hire a lot you can get excess insurance which takes that risk away.

this is really not the experience I’ve had with established rental places, or any business thats trying to stay in buisness

When i hired a YBR125 for pre DAS practice many years ago, it was pretty well worn and torn - even if i had dropped it, i’m not sure they would have noticed.
Not that i am complaining, i didnt want a pristine bike that i’d be scared to take out.