Where to get an optimate / USB adapter?


I’m looking for something like this (I think) to attach my home made solar panel to my battery that has an optimate socket wired in. Any advice where to get it? Don’t want to buy online, would rather see whst am getting


I think halfords sell those. I’m confused that you have a USB cable on the end of your solar panel though


Or go to Amazon.co.uk and do a search for Optimate USB.


As you want physical stores try infinity stores …
choose wisely as they now make a 3.3a version which some phones etc may not like and get very hot

Like MG im wondering why USB?
Using a usb convertor to charge battery the circuits will have flow direction built in so will not work .
These are designed to charge from the motor cycle battery NOT to charge the battery from a usb device .
You already have one of these fitted ?


That Optimate thing is just an over priced low specification voltage regulator you feed 12v in one end and it spills 5v out the other. I say cheap because most of these things accept an input of 12v to 24v or more, Optimate only specifies a 12v input for that one! But you don’t want that.

I think what you want is a charge controller! Check the input, output and cut off specifications for compatibility with your solar panels, battery and any other 12v or 5v accessories you may want to power from it. Or if your solar panels are of the low output trickle charge variety connect them direct to the battery via an Optimate style plug.


I’m struggling with the use case here. Do you want to charge the battery with a solar panel? In which case you can buy one that has the battery connections from Halfords and can be disconnected mid cable. Or fit a fused power socket to the battery and connect the solar panel using that. Fit a USB adapter onto the power socket to charge devices on the go.


I’m thinking the need is to trickle charge a motorcycle battery. If so most of the above, including the home made solar panel, is over the top. A cheap as chips off the shelf 1.5W solar battery maintainer can be had for £15.00, get your hands on it down at your local Halfords store. Swap the crocodile clips for the Optimate compatible plug which came with the charger and bobs your uncle.