Where to buy bike mirrors in London (Today hopefully!)

Hi all.

I picked up a Husqvarna SM610 at the weekend and it lacks mirrors- which I am OK with but would prefer to have some for commuting. I called in to J&S Accessories in New Malden but they don’t stock mirrors. Is there anywhere in central London (I am in the city now) that would stock universal mirrors (I think its a 10mm thread)? Eager to ride the Husky tomorrow!



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& just down the road from them is bacons Kawa Dealer they have accessories as well East bound about 1 mile down from HG

Supermoto’s shouldn’t have mirrors :wink: Overrated IMO. :w00t:

Get some bar end mirrors or pop to HG or Infinity.

Cheers chaps. Will try HG on my way home.



were open until 6pm.