Where is Pirbright?

I’ve heard talk of the Pirbright bends, can someone kindly tell me where they are?


It is West London way, if you put Pirbright into Google maps it will show you the place.

yeah i’ve found Pirbright but where are the good roads/corners around there?

There aren’t really that many roads there mate. Just ride them all and decide for yourself :smiley: Obviously just ignore the ones that lead to a dead end…

They are in Surrey just off the M3 at Jct3.

Some lovely roads but you could ride them all in about 30 mins so unless your this way i would say its a long ride just to see.

Funny enough I went through there today :smiley:

Some nice bends but as pointed out pretty short in duration so probably not worth the trip unless you are reasonably local - (unless you want to go backwards and forwards on the same route about five times . . . which a lot of people do as the bends there are quite tight and technical and make for good practice).

“Good roads and corners” are something that the UK does well.

Just go out and look for them.

The darker blue line:-

I think the road to Mychett is as good/maybe better.

Look for Frimley Green and Pirbright/Deepcut on the map.


Yes - it’s easily the twistiest most fun bit. :slight_smile:

just down the road from me, but you can ride on to godalming/farnham and on to newlands corner / box hill / any direction really, lovely roads round here ( part of the reason i moved here out of london)


And if you do a right at Mychett, bout a mile and your back to the begining again, which makes it the Pirburg ring :smiley:

The old Guildford road that runs through the middle is a green Lane :cool:

I found this lil’ road totally by accident when I was out bimbling today. It wasn’t until I saw a sign for Pirbright that it clicked where I was :smiley:

I certainly didn’t win points for speed or style, but it was great fun, albeit very short lived. Those two 90 degrees corners under the railway bridge are nasty though :w00t:

Tell me about it, first time i ever went through that bit was when i was still on L’s , just glad nothing was coming the other way :Whistling:

Yeah, unless you know they’re comming they can be a bit of a shock! :w00t:

Yeah - bends are very tight here - don’t go charging into them - take it easy and build up your speed incrementally after a few runs as you familiarise yourself with them.

Go in too fast and bottle it and run wide here and you could easily be saying hello to the front of a truck or something as this road is quite busy.

Nice one I’ll check it out this weekend so long as it’s not chucking it down like it is today…

Any other hot road recommendations for out west/south west? One of my favourites is the road through Ranmore Common, just a couple miles west of box…

If you are gonna get the best out of this road best to go early mornings or late evenings/night - if you get stuck behind someone it really f*cks things up as there is not much opportunity for a safe overtake.

If you want to go farther afield the road connecting Alton to Basingstoke is absolutely cracking - superb fast sweepers - peel off before you get to basingstoke and take a left towards Winchester via the candovers - another cracking rural road.

Be careful on the alton bit - plod knows we like this road and there is the potential for camera vans etc.

Ranmore road i think? That is one fun road…quite bumpy if you suspension is set up hard but always good. watch out for mud that gets left on the road from the tractors though!

A272 from billingshurst to petworth is a good stretch too. all of the A272 is good but thats my favorite bit.