Where do you get your tyres? Best price?

I want a set of pilot power 2ct’s for my gixxa 600k5, as our trackday on the 6th finally turned the rear into a slick.

Best price I’ve seen is around £240 fitted, 180/55 and 120/70.

distance not a problem, just want a good price.

Another question is why do some dealers advise you to replace front and rear at the same time?(Yes I know to make money) but is it a problem to keep a part worn front and fit a new rear, bearing in mind i use the bike on road and for the odd trackday.

FWR Kennington if you are south, Essential Rubber if you are north :slight_smile:

Do FWR give London bikers a discount?, just found the thread that says Essential give 10% discount.

I just put 2CT’s on my Tuono at Essential Rubber, £229 fitted with the 10% LB discount.

+1 for Essential Rubber

27 Downham Road, Islington
London, N1 5AA

020 7241 0055


Buy them mail order from here then get them fitted locally to loose wheels.