Where do people ride to on a Saturday night?

Got a free evening so would like to get out and about on the bike - but where? Default would be the ace but fancy a change. Food a bonus.

FYI I live in Greenwich, not too fussed as long < 60 miles.

An hour earlier and I might have joined you! Unfortunately I now have the best part of 3 bottles of Peroni in my stomach! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a ride down to Hastings and have some fish and chips! :wink:

Just got back from the Devil’s Bridge meet at Kirby Lonsdale. Bit quiet so have come home. :smiley:

Right going to go to the Oakdene, never been before could be a bit of a miss on a sat night!!


scroll down to bottom of pages


Lol well I know where the Oakdene is now, despite it being shut with no-one there! :w00t:


I live in greenwich too mate so if you ever want a late night blast let me know

You seriously need to get some sleep bruv!:w00t::wink:

If your free next Saturday night, lets go to Moldova and back! ;):w00t:


only open until 10pm

hmm try mc’ds drive thru for longer opening

Would rather starve:w00t:

You’d like the Oakdene on a Saturday night then :wink: