Where can I get my Leathers repaired?

Lazy twat that I am,what was once a small hole is now to large to ignore. Any recommendations for repair Central or South?

Starlight, Parkway, Camden Town NW1…

Cheap as Chips for alterations and repairs to Leather and Suede but a Top Job, They renewed a whole back panal on my Jacket for £45 when Dainese quoted £120

Dont know London at all but try and find a decent dry cleaners. They may be able to assist.

There’s a place in Guildford that do alterations and repairs pus they are really friendly and helpful ‘won’t try and stitch you up… lol’- can’t remember the company name but I’ll try and track it down.

Thanks will check them out- mine are Dainese too, about 6 yrs old and now super comfortable (crashes seem to make them more supple!)

I think they are called 9 lives or something like that and they are not in Guildford anymore, I believe they have relocated to Farnham or Farnborough area. Lots of the racers use them for repairs. I shall try and find details.

Could you mate, and post it up? I’ve got a racer in Ireland who wants lettering done on his kit.

Visit below, highly recommended.


I had my leathers tailor made at MJK in Flitwick Beds.

Designed them myself. Quality is awesome.

They do repairs and will do lettering as you like.

Think their numba is in the classifieds the back of MCN?

MJK are what I wear on the track and I have a new set being made as i write this. This time I am having my name put on, just incase people don’t recognise me, he he.

http://www.glfacc.demon.co.uk/ is there web space.

9 lives are the only people Dainese trust to do factory repairs, I heard they now do all Eurpoean repairs now, not just UK stuff. They moved a few months ago from Guildford town center to the rear premises of Infinity in Farnborough [ex MCCity/Riossi, 100M down from Hein Gericke]