where can I find bike fuel cleaner?

Hi guys,

I was watching 5th gear the other day and part of the show was how to regain the lost house power and the guy recovered 8BHP by just using some fuel cleaner which I think is a great way to regain the ponies. So, I was looking online to see if there any fuel cleaners for bike but I seem to having a difficult to find any for bike, can I use those for car with bike? any of you used or know any motorcycle fuel cleaner?


not sure what you saw but 5th gear tested the top 4 octane boosters Here with very poor results…

He used this

You can get that in Halfords, but I wouldn’t bother. Far easier just to run a tank of super unleaded through your bike instead!

Will that work for bike or car only?

Depends if youve carbs or not. The pic youve posted is for injected engines. If you google “redex in motorbikes” it gets mixed reviews. Some say it works, others say it caused problems.
I’d be inclined to go with Stuart & just use a couple of tankfuls of Shell Optimax.

I was watching wheeler dealers last night and Edd china wheeled this little gizmo out , claims it cleans the fuel system from engine to exhaust .


go for a crap. the weight you save will probably give you 8bhp worth