when your dentist does not inspire u with confidence...

Just been to the dentist, who said i have a ‘catastrophic failure in my wisdom tooth’ and it needs to come out.

I asked was it a hospital jobby, and he said that he thinks he can take it out…

I said to him what did he mean he THINKS he can take it out, if something goes wrong, im not in hospital and he replied, there should be no problem…

At this stage, i then felt i should tell him about my patchy history of high blood pressure…

He asked if it was under control, by which i replied 'well, im not taking anything for it, and ive no idea whether its high or low, cause im not registered with a doctor from moving around so much!":w00t:

I got a little talk about the dangers of it etc, and he aint touching me till im checked out by a doctor, but all that happens is u go to doc, they tell u allot of stuff u never knew you had!!

Id rather live in ignorance i think…:cool:

I’ll have a crack with my drimmel and pliers if you like? I’ve got strong arms.

so that explains why we cant understand you :w00t::P:D

save me 45 quid, ill buy ya a drink :slight_smile:

It just goes to show that you don’t need to have wisdom to have wisdom teeth!!!:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:


Is it causing you pain???


Leave it alone and it’ll save you dosh:D

Had both my bottom ones out this year, one in Jan, one last week. Weren’t hurting me but x rays showed they were causing things to get stuck and decaying the teeth in front (the wisdon teeth were pointing forwards).

Couldn’t be done at the dentist so had to go to hospital - didn’t cost a penny :smiley: no the most pleasant of experiences though. Getting it done isn’t too bad, it’s the ‘discomfort’ afterwards - still miunching loads of painkillers now, over a week later :pinch: