when you try to look cool bad thing happen to you

watching this guy you’ll wish something would happen to him so that he stops…

well something does happen!!



Even the lamp got p1ssed off. . .

actuall nearly wet myslef at the end! WHat a numpty!lolololol

I’m looking forward to the sequel, ‘Kite flying under power lines’

hahaha now thats funny

Haha… now get on with some work ya tosser !

That noise at the end…! :w00t:

great ending… what a tosser

muppet with to much time on his hands

HA HA fantastic, how many lady folk did he think that would impress, really?

LOL! what a dogs co ck


not as cool as this one lol


Ha ha. Loving this thread! :D:D:D:D

what were they trying to do?? :blink: :smiley:


Was like a Street Fighter dying sound.

“You Lose!”