When to buy ... now or in spring?

Hi all,

I am looking to get myself a new bike. Now i am wondering what would be the best time to get a good price - now (as the season is almost over) or in spring (bikes sleep in the garages in Winter).

I want a fairly new Sportsbike - 2007 or 2008. Will the price go down over the Winter or not?


Wait til december - if you can find a decent bike then.No one’s buying at that time of year so you should be able to do a deal

definitely wait till winter, prices come down quite a lot

New Honda’s are going up by about 3% on Oct 1st.

With these tough times I thought they’d come down but they just keep going up.

A bit of a complicated year this time around.

New bike sales have slumped aboiut 30% this “summer” and some amazingly good deals are floating around for, well, new bikes.

Knock on is that, because no one is trading up, there is a shortage of nearly new bikes in the trade. Result, higher prices.

Now factor in the plummet of the £ against the Euro/Yen/Dollar/Transilvanian Dingbat and you’ll realise that new imports are going to get a whole lot more expensive fairly soon.

If you can afford it and you have a decent trade in, buy a new bike now and drive a seriously hard deal. A decent discount? Added extras? 0% finance?

There all going to be out there/somewhere this quarter.

ah, was thinking you were looking at second hand (ebay etc)

Thanks guys, important information.

I am looking for a second hand. Will keep looking around and buy if I find a good deal.

What’s this “season” of which you speak?

Got myself a GSXR 1000 K7 in black.