When on Holiday.....

do you reside by the pool or beach?

nope the nearest bar, which is what I will be doing in exactly 2 weeks


my tans actually alright as it is.

bars, clubs and excursions


Prefer to be active, walking, scootering, swimming…

Are you doing some kinda research Lou?

whatever, so long as it’s an active one, with regular stops to sample local cuisines :smiley: also very fond of the sea, so any water activities would be great.

Neither, normally found at a racetrack or in the bar :slight_smile:

Neither, doing something active or resting afterwards with some great food.

I do both but mainly pool.

I prefer to be out and about before sampling the local hospitality, rather than sat on a beach or around a pool.Sitting on a sunny beach somewhere does appeal at the moment though!

pool but only when exhausted from traveling about too much

Arctic circle, does anyone know a good beach there?

Depends who’s lying beside me!

Are you joking? It`s cold up here.

Pub! or beach