When do you call it quits?

You remember the “Hitch Hikers Guide?” The answer as I recall was 42.

I’m begining to think it’s 63. But once I’ve changed the tyres, or bought the Ducati, I might just change my mind.

Don’t feel bad if you quit for a while, but if your a born biker, you’ll be back.

Just be very carefull when you come back if you have a long lay off. They have the worst bad accident/death statistics.

That’s what stops me from having a long lay off…So I can’t quit because if I did I wouldn’t want to come back.


It took a life threatening accident to make me quit… and I’d still get back on a bike if my wife would give me permission. But as she is still helping me recover, and because I’ve got 4 kids and she has threatened to kick me out if I go back on 2 wheels I am destined to forever be stuck in a car…

Can’t face a life without some risk. The bodies battered from cycling accidents, put a car on its roof, scars from welding & grinding etc. Hopefully that makes me somewhat less than dull at least.

If it rains I’ll call it quits.

lets not forget, chicks dig scars

Never… falling off the horse and everything…:smiley: Unless something actually stopped me:w00t:

If you’re around bikes long enough you’ll go through this raq, its quite normal bud…

david jefferies’ head stone says it for me…

'Those who risk nothing do nothing, achieve nothing, become nothing’

I hope so… I really, really hope so…


:smiley: You haven’t gone and bought a Harley have you? :slight_smile:

That’s why I think marriage is a waste of space… what kind of person would use their leverage to keep a man doing from what he enjoys?

If I only had one arm, that’s still enough to crank open a throttle somewhere! :smiley:

Bit of a sweeping statement statement there about someone’s wife !

Probably a kind loving person that doesn’t want to be left on her own to look after 4 kids and one who loves John very very much !
This I fully understand especially with John and his Family having gone through what they did.

Oh and chicks do dig scars just that the couple |I have are tiny … John, you’re sorted ! lol.

itsthemechanic I can understand your sentiments to an extent. But I have to agree with Trojan.

I don’t know if you are making a statement about yourself or John specifically, if the latter I think you are a little out of line. John has been seriously injured and lost a limb as a result. Do you think his wife thought it was his own fault, sod him, he can look after himself? The fact the John’s Missus is standing by him, and helping him recover is admirable.

Marriage, in sickness and in health, and like most things in life it is a compromise.

If I have misinterpreted your comments then I’m sorry.

How ya doing john its been a while since you were about ? you gpoing to the sizzle ? :slight_smile:

Not bad mate, not been posting much, but I’m off sick at present recovering from an operation, so I’ve got a bit more spare time than usual…

The day I have a tumble, off, crash, smash, accident and don’t understand how or why it happened or see how it could have been avioded, is the day I hang up my helmet and gloves…:crying:

This day 8 weeks ago when i came off hit a tree stump and smashed my femur into 3 bits and damaged ligaments in my knee.

Because will probably will need 4 months off work without pay not being able to pay my mortgage and having to manage living alone.

Next time i would probably loose my flat/job if unable to work for any length of time so its time to call it a day …gutted:crying:

Sorry to hear about your off. I hope you get better soon.

I’m back on the saddle again.