When do you call it quits?

As it says on the tin…

I was thinking along those sort of lines last night. If the back gets any worse… :frowning:

I hope never to have to reach that stage but permernant dissability would seriously impact my motivation.

I do wonder sometimes, especially as the date of the memorial ride nears each year…

R.I.P. all of our fallen friends.

I’m thinking about it now and what will it take for me. Got family and friends on my back to give it all up.

Biking can be dangerous and when I 1st started biking my family hated it, my mum made me call her every time I arrived somewhere after riding, I had a 3 month break last when someone very close to me was killed on his bike, again I had family and friends telling me to give biking up and I really was thinking about it but I got back on, been on an LB Wales trip, done quite a few track days and I love being a biker, it’s such a sociable hobby and I have met some great people though biking including my lovely boyfriend :slight_smile:

If you are passionate about biking just explain this to your friends and family, maybe do some further training to show them that you are a responsible biker, don’t give it up if it’s not what you want to do, they will eventually accept your hobby :slight_smile:

It’s not the quantity of life it’s the quality - biking means that nearly everyday I get to sit on a 750/1000cc engine attached to two wheels and capable of shooting me up the road track at 160 mph - what’s not to like? :smiley:

I’ve been riding coming up for 11 years and the novelty of riding bikes hasn’t worn off - the downside has been a broken leg with metal in it but this hasn’t put me off.

Bikes absolutley rock and life would be infinitely duller without them ;):smiley:

+1 to what sid… err ninja said

i think riding bikes actually prolongs life or gives you more of it…

have you ever calculated how much time you waste waiting in a car in a traffic jam? or on public transport?

edit: but to answer the post… i think having kids may make me rethink - atleast for untill they are older and get on my nerves :smiley:

if there was enough road room in London for me to not sit in a car in traffic the whole time.

or if I had a major off and it spooked me

I’ve been riding bikes since the mid 80s, and until last december, they were my only means of transport.
There is nothing that would make me give up bikes as long as I’m physically able to ride.

Good on ya hinny! :smiley:

I see some horrible sights in work and it does make me think about giving it all up. But I stick by my own saying of, “You’re born with a number and when its up, its up, and you’re going no matter what you’re doing. So its better to just live life to the full and enjoy every day!”.
If I let everything I see in work put me off, I’d never leave the house cos in a major collision…even a car won’t protect you.

Only physical disability will stop me after close on 35 years, unfortunately for me that may be sooner than I’d hoped.

In the meantime I’ll carry on regardless!

Death or serious disability are the only two things that would stop me from riding.

NOTHING as long as im alive i’d get about on a bike somehow, bikings more than just a way of getting from a to b it’s a lifestyle and a good one at that, albeit very dangerous at times but thats part of the attraction :cool:

its a religion. theres no quitting homie…

AMEN brother

There’s no shame in quiting if your hearts not in it any more. Lot’s of folk ride bikes for a few years before the reality of serious injury takes it’s toll.

I’m not sure of others experiences so can only talk of my own. I have been through hell as a result of bikes and so have my family. I spent 6 months in a wheelchair after breaking pretty much everything & live every day with the pain of injuries that will never get better. I chose to get back on a bike as I needed to ensure I regained the confidence as a person I had previously.

Did I think about quitting? Hell yes. Do I still when I break more bones? Hell Yes.

Will I quit in the future? Who knows what lies around that next bend so I’m quite sure it’s a question none of us can answer until in that split second we are thrown into a situation that not only affects us & our futures but also affects those that are close to us.

In the mean time, if you’re enjoying it, then get out there and hold it wide Fuc&ing open!!!

I will be this weekend at Brands GP with my 34 bits of titanium aching and digging in as usual - why? because simply nothing comes close.

Respect…Good on ya!!

Almost an advert for Snap-On :smiley:

I’ll see you there, dude :wink:

Physical stuff is obviously a barrier. I think I’d have to be pretty mashed up to stop. Even if I only had one arm or one leg, I think Id still race, because I love the idea that I could ride through the adversity (I’m Powerpuffgirl after all lol).

Psychological stuff is different and I don’t think you can control it. I have witnessed some pretty horrific things. I won’t go into them because I have been asked not to by family members, but just imagine the effect of seeing someone hurt badly in front of you (and not just once). Stuff like that makes you reassess danger. Is it all really worth it? I came to the conclusion (rather selfishly for my poor long-suffering mother) that I’d rather die doing something I enjoy than live having not done what I wanted to do.

So, in short, not a lot would stop me riding… :smiley:

Cheers for everyone’s input. Went out again today and it still puts a smile on my face. But then I’ve got people close to me saying the probability of getting maimed or disabled is high and that’s my worst fear. I don’t mind dying with doing something I love but can’t/won’t live as a vegetable.