WHELLIE CLUB PICS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right, I need pics of some people pulling wheelies for the banner, Would any of you like to send some pics of yourself pulling wheelies for the banner?

Ive sent you a few in a pm

a whellie?

Very nice, but they don’t do with the Red Power Ranger outfit.:laugh:

HAHAHAHA my bad :hehe:

They must be Chipmonk’s wellies!! :smiley:

quite like these:

Ooh just for you dayglo derek suits you sir !!!

come on, seriously guys…!!

this is a bike forum

ahem :Whistling:

**"come on, seriously guys…!!

this is a bike forum"**

Bloody hell, now someone tells me.

There’s me thinking it’s just a bunch of half arsed idiots.

Only half-arsed?

(Still stinging from the “half-decent wine” dig)

Use this to keep your “whellies” clean and supple.

Perv-O-Shine Bottle (500ml)- Internationl only