As a few of you have seen them pics of Blades wheels after polish and paint work done


I saw them on the bike today, they look wicked. Nice work hun.

Had a few questions re the wheels Mike? Been asked if they will pitt, or be ok for a while until the elements get to them and then the shine will go etc etc and they will end up looking knackered and dull? Was asked if they have been “treated” in right way? I wouldnt have those answers…so over to you me dear!..

Im well pleased with them tho…top job!

Elbow grease You buy it from M9 Keeps em shiny you know

Yep, he told me about that stuff as well…

The questions answered chrome pits polish doesn’t that’s why I will polish wheels and not chrome them,

The elements get to them and make them dull as I tell all customers through winter wash and clean the wheels use a mild polish e.g. Autoglym metal polish on a soft cloth polish to a shine and treat with ACF – 50 and in summer wash and clean again with Autoglym.

AS for treating them in the right way why the fook wouldn’t I e.g. do not use harsh chemicals to remove paint as this might effect the aluminium of the wheel.

And oh yeh the elbow grease is always good

m9 how much did you charge for the wheels to be taken off, painted and polished?

First question Yes I can fit LED and Neons to most bikes

Second The price charged is between the customer and myself I do not quote prices online for work done.

mate u could quite easily wire them to an ignition source and with a switch, or even to the headlights…, If u wanna do it really cheap just buy some ultra bright 12v leds, some resistors, an inline fuse and some wire from maplin.

… and remember to remove them 12 days after Christmas as it’s bad luck to leave them on after that!

BTW … Those wheels look sweet!!!

true they do need to be waterproof, but yeah if u dont feel confident doing it then of course inlist the proffesionals.

Oooooo their pretty do they come in other colours ?