Wheel repair

Hi, my friend had a light accident and his frontwheel has to be repaired after touching the kerb.

Do you know anybody in Ealing area who does that?

Thanks, Carsten

only two company’s that i know of that do wheel repair are hagons (east london) and motoliner in maidstone. i have used both company’s with spot on results

+1 on motoliner.

i went early on a sat and hung around for a few hours and took the wheel home with me.

saved an extra trip to collect the do courier items out aswell


My dad has used Motoliner and thought it was good. He came from Wales so stayed around in that area for a bit - he tells me the area around the place is nice so go for a walk if you do. He came back with a few jars of nice Kent honey :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help. As I saw on the web page they are also not that expensive.

Have a dry weekend