Wheel builder wanted

…or can give a recommendation.

Got my hands on a decent Aprilia Trail front wheel this week and now want it rebuilt with a 17" rim to give me a better choice of rubber.

So, working on keep it in the family, any wheelbuilders out there?

Failing that, any recommendations? I’d prefer to stay in N Kent, SE or E London but I’m prepared to slum it in other areas for someone good.

Hi Oldguy,

When I had my Transalp I needed a rear wheel rebuild and went to Southern Wheels. Great job, full respoke on heavier gauge spokes than original. The guys name is Malcolm and he works/lives in West Kingsdown. If you want his number PM me.


There’s a Fella Rob who lives in Basildon. He’s some kind of engineer by trade and rebuilds loads of his friends bikes. I know that he re-spoked a wheel that was bodged by a well known firm in Hainault. He might do it for you if its a spoked wheel you have?

Let me know if you want me to ask him. Having said the, mr.tattoo on here (you’ll find him in the super retard section) would be able to do it as would www.allbikeengineering.co.uk in Greenwich.