Wheel alignment

hmmm my steering doesn’t seem quite right, wanted to check the wheel alignments but only got shown it when i took my test and can only just remember, any1 tell us, wanna make sure i do it right.

Were you shown with a straight edge Curtis?

prob sorted, a combination of cold tyres and the rear wheel very slighly out, prob solved got the local bike mechanic to do it for me :Whistling:

Get him up on the praise/shame mate;)Did he show you how to check it yourself?

yea even if i wanted to do it i haven’t got the right tools :pinch:

You can make up your own alignment checker out of a bit of wood and mum’s washing line;)

your gonna have to show me that 1!:stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll draw you a picture on tuesday evening over a Ruby;)

deal :wink: