Wheeile anti flip device

Whilst looking at bike related sites i came across this http://www.wheelysafe.co.uk/ I am sure this has been discussed before but I couldnt find anything with the search facility. What are your opinions? Forget about the cheating aspect, I’m interested in will it work, do you think someone with no confidence to learn to wheelie can gain confidence using a device like this? My wheelies are cr*p by the way but I’ve never used a device like this.

Thinking of fitting one to your cruiser Redz :D:)

LOL, you joker:D I thought of you when I saw it, i guess the bikes at the wheelie school you guys went to had them, do you think that is what gave you the confidence to lift your blades front wheel? I hear you got it locked now, scraping 12 o’clocks and everything:cool:

More like scraping me collar bone

The only confidence it gave me was knowing you couldent flip it…tbh mate I wouldent bother, if you fancy having a play on an industrial est 1 day give me a shout, i’ll pm you me #, i’m no expert but could give you a few tips…its all about lifting it a bit higher a bit at a time and getting use to it…slowly, slowly :wink:

waste of money, imo. keep practicing. take it slowly, don’t rush things, always think what you gonna do with the bike and yr body and relax. it’s scary as f*ck when you start lifting but then it becomes yr second nature. gis a shout if you want some advice.

If you guys are going to spend a day in an industrial estate PM me, I’d love to come along. I keep trying on my own but just get sh*t scared when it lifts, think I’m going straight over.

Nah, I wouldnt waste my money but I wanted to get peoples opinions on these as alot of people go to wheelie schools, I’m sure this would be a cheaper alternative to assist learning. I’ll give you a shout Terry, as soon as we get over this threat of snow:angry: I used to go out with Glamour and practice, I’ve pulled a few high ones but nothing consistant, the odd power up happens all the time in day to day riding tho.:w00t: