What's under your helmet?

As the weather warms up and I take the warm and toasty balaclava off I have a dilemma – without anything between me and my helmet my hair takes on the sweaty shape of the inside of the helmet. I don’t mind this if I’m just whizzing around the countryside but it can look extraordinarily strange when I turn up at meetings with my unusual hair-do!

Everyone I know either has no hair or thick hair and wears nothing under their helmet as they don’t have the same problem.

Can anyone recommend something (other than a hair-net)?

cut it to bald. solves the problem :smiley:

me head? :slight_smile:

That depends on how long since the last wash really…Cheese?:slight_smile:

maybe you should try that edz thingy…


Tried this? Designed to keep your helmet clean/dry, may have the same effect on hair.

I use what looks like a skull cap from EDZ. Rex Judd sell them for about £10 before 15% LB discount :smiley: