What's the strangest thing you have ever overtaken?

I’ll start with one of these - Balham at 8.40 this morning -


for me, and I kid you not, a table and chairs!! that were motorised… was at the aldwych in london…

You have got to love working up here, you see some seriously weird things…




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lol! :slight_smile:

I was overtaken by a house one day…

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I remember once on the A10 when i was out for a nice quiet ride minding my own buisness, i was doing about 50mph on the near side lane when a mini bus full of young teenage girls came along side. As it came passed me i looked over and there was 4 lovely looking arses looking at me, i couldnt believe that these girls mooned at me. At first it took me by suprise as its not what you expect but a few secs later i pissed myself laughing and gave the girls in the mini bus the thumbs up.

US secret service suvs going up whitehall. they’d shut it down for bush’s visit but somehow i found myself riding alongside his goons. i was a bit nervous.

When Bush viisted a few year’s back we were al lwatching out the window whilst a pair of Apache Helecopters with US markings did several orbits of the London Eye for a jolly.

People on sportsbikes wobbling along at about 20mph most sundays in sussex

Can’t believe nobody has yet pointed out that there seems to be a leak in that exhaust…

The ‘wings’? from a windfarm windmill whilst traveling through Denmark… they are huge…

Need this?



Prince william and his bodyguards near legoland (when he had his triumph) the bodyguards was trying to stop me overtaking/geting close to him - no traffic oncoming so went wide and off i went!!