What's the power/weight ratio in GSXR 1000 K5?

Isn’t it more or exactly 1kg/Bhp? I found few versions on the net…

This baby here has got 0.9kg/Bhp

Imagine the fun! This is definitely the ultimate…

“Limited to 15 cars worldwide, the “Weineck Cobra 780 cui Limited Edition” is a completely legal roadcar. The project was born at the German company “Weineck Engineering”, and is immediatley recognisable by the enormous airscoop on the bonnet. It’s necessary to pump enough air into the huge 12.9 litre (!), or 780 cubic inch engine. Press the gaspedal to prepare for launch, and more than half a litre of gasoline flows through the carburator.
The engine reaches 1100 bhp @ 7000rpm, and a torque of 1760 Nm @ 5600rpm. The figures are amazing: a specific power of 0.9 kg/ bhp, 0-200 km/h (124 mph) in only 4.9 seconds, and onto 300 km/h (186 mph) in exactly 10 seconds.
All this power is transferred to the rear axle using a manual 4-speed transmission.
The car stands on 18” 255mm/40mm tires in the front, and 18" 315mm/35mm tires in the back. "

More info and more photos:


Who NEEDS one?


Nice, but I bet it only lasts 10 minutes before the fuel tank is empty. Surely a car like that needs AWD?! To answer your question, it’s 164kg and 164bhp as stock, but I’ve dropped a few kilos and released a few more ponies, so it’s a positive ratio.

Yeah, but what a hell of a 10mins it is!!!

Come on, who is looking at a fuel consumption in a car like this?


That is one insane car and looks damn good too

Look at the torque figure FFS! No wonder it’s only got a 4 speed box!

Fook me thats one car not to try and blast off!

Awesome pice of kit. There was one similar, featured in Street Machine back in the 80’s, and that made 1000hp. Owner basically said that it was undriveable because you just couldn’t get the power down through the rear wheels.

When I stick my 110kgs onto my gixxer thou’ the power to weight ratio is probably no more than that of a CBR 500. The power to weight ratio becomes meaningless to me.

At least in a car, my weight does not upset the overall weight by the same percentange as it does on the bike.

Being a large chap myself I know what you mean, I don’t even notice extra weight when blasting off with girlfriend on back. I just get sore ribs from where she keeps reminding me that shes there and to be good.

The Cobra is the reason we have a UK speed limit years and years ago it got caught doing something close to 150mph (now where all made to go now faster than 70mph)

It also earned the nickname of the widower, any driver that try pushing this car Hard ended up making there wife a widow… I think this version of the Cobra wants its nickname back

The AC cobra was the widow maker back then, I have been lucky to have a go in a replica one that one of the directors at vegantune used to have before he past away, it was a kit version but built bloody close to a real one and F**K me that was the most scary car I have ever been in, its back end was all over the place.

And it only had like 500-600bhp

At least you lived to tell the tale

How much power does a F1 car make?

Pete hope this helps…

FERRARI F2005 technical specifications

Carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite structure
Ferrari longitudinal gearbox limited-slip differential
Semiautomatic sequential electronically controlled gearbox
Number of gears 7 + reverse
Ventilated carbon-fibre disc brakes
Independent suspension, push-rod activated torsion springs front and rear
Length 4545 mm
Width 1796 mm
Height 959 mm
Wheelbase 3050 mm
Front track 1470 mm
Rear track 1405 mm
Weight with water, lubricant and driver 605 kg
Wheels (front and rear) 13”

Type 055
Number of cylinders V 10
Cilinder block in cast aluminium
Number of valves 40
Pneumatic distribution
Total displacement 2997 cm3
Magneti Marelli digital electronic injection
Magneti Marelli static electronic ignition

If I find the 2005 bhp numbers on my travels ill let you know, the yr 2000 F1 car made 770 bhp / the road going Enzo makes 650bhp if I remember right.

power/weight ratio of rossis yamaha´s m1 = 600 gramme per horsepower. WOW

power to weight of your gixxer needs looking at again jay, for starters, that is a hypothetical dry weight which is worked out by taking all the lowest possible weights for everything from within production tolerences ie, if a pistons weight range was between 155 and 158 grams, they would use the 155 as a measurement and so on. they also dont include fuel,engine oil, battery, coolant, fork oil, shock oil, steering damper oil or brake fliud which when added up is quite a large amount, approx 28 kilos on your bike with a full tank. which brings your bike to a shade under 200 kilos ready to ride. this would give you a power to weight ratio of .82 bhp/kg. By the time you are on it, (i guess you weigh around 68- 70 kilos) this then drops your power to weight ratio to approx 0.61 bhp/kg. if you then take rossi’s M1 which weighs 145 kg’s WITH fuel, then add the man himself,(65 kilos) you have 210 kilos ready to ride with a power to weight ratio of 1.19 bhp/kg almost double that of you and your gixxer thou. the rizla suzuki by contrast is 165 kilos with fuel, add shakey byrne (prob around 65 kilos also) with a claimed bhp of ‘over 200’ (lets say 205) would give you a power to weight ratio of approx 0.89 bhp/kg sorry if this has rained on anyones parade