Whats the BHP of a GSXR 750?

Whats the stock BHP of a 2003 K3 GSXR 750?



2 bhp

Buy a yamaha !!

3 bhp buy a suzuki

I told my m8 I’d ask on LB cause on visordown.com they’re kids

My K5 was 126 at the rear wheel with a bit of mild tuning. About 121 as standard. Danno’s K5 was about the same. K3 had the same engine but the K4-5 had some modifications to distribute the oil and lower the back pressure on the pistons so it would be maybe a couple horsepower up. Probably something like 118.

I put my K4 750 on the dyno at Cassoday last summer…119 rear wheel horsepower.

I’ll try to find the dyno print out and take a picture of it if you’re interested…

Fanx! I’ll pass this on.

My K1 was 131 bhp at the rear wheel, and my K4 134bhp.

my k4 is 121bhp thats with a pipe and filter

My m8 just put a deposit on this:


My k4 with just a race can

Crikey, just had a go on my m8’s new bike, 120hp never felt soooo fast!

Having a tarmac rippling 40hp supermoto and a sick Ducati 900ss (an old one ), I daren’t open it riht up in the corners. Ok, its a bit patchy wet today, but boy, what a reality check It was a pain in the toush changing down 2 gears and still waiting for the full power to arrive tho. Off cam its prolly faster than my Ducati, but at least the lil’bit of power my Duke has is right there. Tipping into corner at 9000-10,000rpm in first gear on the GSXR and unloading full squirt off the apex certain keeps you focussed! I know that aint whats really what you’re meant to be doing, but try the same speed in second gear leaves you waiting for full drive? I’ll have to have another go for longer to learn how to really ride it. But I better remember to sharpen my pencil before I do tho!

Handling, well I knew it’d be good, but boy, what a revelation! I couldn’t lean on the chassis too much because I’m a yella-livered-chicken-schitt-motha-fartha, oops - I mean cause it was a bit wet in places…me too! . But in the few dry decent corners, it felt sooooo gurrrd!

I’d have to find different roads if I owned that tho. I’d rarely get out of 2nd gear!