Whats the best/safest age to take a kid pillion?

My niece has been nagging me for a spin on the back, but like me she is a giant (out growing sitting on the tank up the road type rides), at 7 she is 5ft2, I took her for a little trip around the block but she wants a little more, she felt OK on the back and strong enough to hold on.

Is there a legal age for a pillion?


I don’t think there’s an age limit, although their feet need to be able to comfortably touch the footpegs or something,

It seems a little odd that there is no legal age or size for a pillion, but there is for booster seats in cars.

from what i remember the only legal requirement is that their feet can reach the pegs… and ofcourse that they are wearing a helmet :D;)

Yes. No age limit. Feet must touch the pegs.

Thanks, I feel a bit better about taking her out on a longer trip.

If you do take her on the back it might be worth investing in one of those “Love Handle” belts to hive her something to hold onto… Cracking Idea for little ones:)

Might want to check out this thread http://forums.sv650.org/showthread.php?t=88358Probably just says the same as above tho’


ive heard about you and your love handles…:D:w00t:

Thanks guys, I’ll look in to those love handles. She came to the workshop with me last week and helped bleed the brake and clutch lines. Its in her blood now.

Trust westy to lower the tone !! lmao, all you gotta do is remember you got a little passenger and ride accordingly, not rip it up everywhere ! a few of us have discussed the possibility of doing a rideout if you got kids as they can feel left out, and it would be at a sensible pace could even make it a day out at the seaside or summat, will get a thread going early next year see if many interested.

Both my kids have been pillions since they were 5 years old, boy is now 7 and Tiga is 9, they have had full leathers, Goretex waterproofs etc as they are not allowed on he bike unless they are properly dressed

Boy was in his mums sidecar chair from when he was 2 years old.

yeah as aid b4 m8 as long as reach pegs ya ok, i will say though at 7 maybe not a long ride, you know wot kids are like in losing concentration and she might be looking around and forget when ya pull away or summat.

Older the better.


I’d say from about 9-10, tho friends of mine have taken thier young’uns on the back way before 9-10.

love handles…great invention! can get them in halfords, £19.99.

All mine have been on bikes since they could reach the pegs and riding themselves from the age of 3.

Get some love handles (Ann Summers do em) :wink: … oh not those ones but yeah they are the same :smiley:

My son (11) goes on the back of the K7 alot and that’s the most horrible ride (for me anyway), he does well to hold on but being younger the stupid lack of seat and height for the rear pillion on the bike is ok for him. The Hayabusa is like sitting in an arm chair so the ride is more comfy.

You’ll get some kids who don’t concentrate and wriggle about, take good care and don’t do long trips and on the other hand you get kids who just stick like glue to the rear seat and love it. My son does long trips on the back and never complains unless it’s loads of filtering lol.

Just don’t let your guard down when they are on the back and take care pulling away cos they’re not always expecting the throttle to open so quick lol.

Cheers guys, and dont worry - with Bill on the back I’ll be riding like my name was Mary Poppins. I would feel so bad if anything happened - besides my sister would kill me. Might try her with a ride up to the Blackheath tea hut, its only about 15 minutes away.

i found this forum when looking for rules about kid pillions.

my son is 4 and has been on the back several times about 5 miles each

he wants me to pick him up from school and needed to know if it was leagal

my kids have been pillion since they could reach the pegs .on long journeys we wear intercoms so i know they arent day dreaming

I began picking my son up from daycare when he was two years old. He loved it. I found a harness for him that was deigned to used to tether kids to some furniture or other object. He has not expressed any desire to do it again, but he is 32 now. Never came to any harm, and it was the only vehicle I had for more years than I can recall. My wife was driving our Fiat 128.

More important than is it legal would be “Will your niece be hurt?”. My brothers and my sister would have kicked the life out of me if I had allowed one of their children to come to any harm.

Michelle [rockerchic] used to put her hands in my jacket pockets and almost fall asleep against my back on trips to the south coast when she was 5or6 yrs old, and that was on a rigid framed 500cc single beeza with a chunk of foam strapped to the rear mudguard.:w00t:.think she finds the bandit a bit more comfortable these days :slight_smile: