What's the best Gixxer 750 ...OR Duke that £4000k will get me?? ... Recommendations please

I look set fair to get one of these two in early 2011…whey hey!:D:D:D:w00t:

Still to make my mind up on which way to go.

Ideas and recommendations on what £4k will get me please???:cool:

4k will get you a nice 04/05 750 :wink:

If you go down the Ducati route, Pro Twins are the best!:cool: Have a chat with them…




definately k4/k5 gixxer 750:D


K4 -> K5 -> 916 -> 2004 - > £4,000 -> ???

I wouldn’t touch a 916 if youre doing more than 5k miles a year on it…