Whats on at the ace tonight?

Anyone have any idea? Is it a car or bike meet? I am going to pop out for a blast this evening cause I am p1ssed off (another failed job interview) and wouldn’t mind going down there. Thing is if it’s car night or max power night don’t wanna get involved!

Not sure mate but theres a few of us meeting Box Hill at 18:45 for a jaunt down the coast to get fish n chip supper if you want to go. Sorry to hear about the job interview, the right one will come along, you just got to have faith and don’t get depressed about it.

I’d be up for going over to the Ace also, assuming I can find it!

According to the Ace Cafe website, nothing is planned, so it’ll be the usual two-wheeled mayhem Sorry to hear about the interview fella, keep a stiff upper lip!

Just given them a ring it’s Japenese Performance car night so that means it’s going to be packed with cars although you still get bikes down on car nights don’t you?

Any chance of ghostie etc being down there?

Cheers after six months without a job though it’s getting to me now :0(

Cheers for the offer dude but I am going to stay local.

Bikes are there every night mate, regardless of what’s on! There’s usually some stunting crew down there.