What's happened to the LB rides?

Admittedly I wasn’t the most prolific attendee of rides, couple of summer BCRs a year and the odd longer rides to exotic places like Sunny Hunny. Never could really do the +4hr rides that some of the folks on here could crack through. Do folks on here still meet up and go out post COVID?

The early Sunday morning rides are now the only ones that fit around family these days, based up North London way these means Essex/Hertfordshire being the destinations of choice. Anyone else interested if I get my finger out?


The main organisers kinda drifted away or moved into other things I think. Feel free to get that finger out.

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@cooltempo If the weather is good, and I’m not busy, I’d be happy to tag along with you.

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This is pretty much why ride outs have almost stopped, life has got in the way for a lot of people. Cold not do this sunday morning but if there is enough notice I could be tempted to head up.

I think covid caused a hiccough to many things, regular rides might be one.

When I first joined LB there were multiple rides, often different rides for different levels (125s, progressive, etc).

I’ve never had the courage to lead a ride; hats off to those who are willing to put the time in planning, then willing to compromise their day’s riding by map-reading and playing mother hen.

Where is @Jetstream when you need him?

True, I think I crashed on most of them, even an Lplate friendly one…

Last I heard the Jets were up in the north enjoying long walks. Their rideouts we’re pretty amazing.

My introduction to LB was on a @ride4fun Dunstable Downs rideout

My first LB run was a choice between:

  • For beginners, mopeds and under 125cc.
  • No under 125cc, no beginners.

I was on the 748 and certainly wasn’t a beginner but had reservations about joining the second group because I am no speed merchant.

The second group was led by Jetstream (the name should have warned me) and we ambled off along the A40 at a sensible speed. Then he turned off the A40 somewhere in Oxfordshire and BAM, it was throttle to stop for the rest of the day. OMG!


Yes we were spoiled for about 2 years, I think 2008 and 2009. On any Sunday you could rock up at the Ace for 10 and the whole day was taken care of. I lead a few rideouts but I wasn’t an amazing leader. Dunstable Downs were also really good.


Mrs LB and I are always up for rides down south. North/East London is too far for us really.

Despite getting heatstroke, I really enjoyed the last Rykers to Brighton rideout.

Weather’s been horrendous.

Couple of events coming up if any interest:

Thursday nights opening until late at whiteways Bury hill (weather permitting)

First Saturday of every month Ducati meeting at Newlands corner from 12

Motolegend breakfast meeting near Guildford, first one 7th May - last year was really good

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Yay! I’m southeast as well, but everyone else seems to be north! if you fancy one soon count me in.

Some of us are off to Brugges next Saturday.

Those Sunday prayer meetings from the Dome were good, not done one for years as only use knobbly tyres at the moment.

I’m here guys i just don’t use the site as much. You can message me and I’ll add you to a WhatsApp group we use for ride outs. I haven’t don’t one single run north this year as now based in Kent. But regularly run out to finchingfield.

Also you can follow me on insta - Jimmyfeta and message me in there if you fancy Sunday runs out.

I should prob also post them here I just forget :man_facepalming:


Hey @rixxy messaged you

ill be really glad to join any cruising people here :slight_smile: some road outside London ,please :)))))