what you lot missed on sat night.....

you nutters!!! i must join you soon:D:D:hehe:

riz is definetly a complete fruitcake!:w00t: but i 'kin love him!:smiley:

lol i bet this morning was fun…

it was, we were all at bikesafe :slight_smile:

what a fantastic night i had with you three, i laughed so much my face is still hurting.

Luvs you guys x

thats nice:) love is in the air:)

I dont remember stace saying that… :ermm:

The ninth pic looks good lol suits him having that fringe:D

wat ya say…you lost ya dag:P

shut it tug!

your in trouble tug, i reckon stace could ave u :wink:

Too right i would!