what would you suggest on this one ?.

hi everyone,

i bought an 05-GS500 FK4 commuter and i was thinking of replacing it’s standard can with a road legal one. i was told i also need a link pipe.

would anyone know the best place to start looking for one what can fit this machine?, would it be ebay?, and if so, what should i be looking for?. used is fine.

any advice of course appreciated lots!,



It’s not too common a bike to have an aftermarket exhaust for, so I don’t think eBay will help you out much here, but it doesn’t hurt to check. I would look at people like Micron, Renegade, r BlueFlame. These boys normally cater for a wide-range of bikes. People like Akrapovic and Yoshimura almost certainly won’t do one for the GS500.

I saw this:

And this:

Thank’s Jay,

about to call the second link you gave me.

appreciate your time for helping.

try Remus as well - Im sure they used to do one for your bike and are really good

I have a mate with vance and hines ones on his firestorm. Sounds awesome. Not sure about your bike and aftermarket parts but I am sure that if you go round the well known pipe manufacturers you should find something.


Nexus are the most popular cans for the GS, about the only one I’ve seen really. They come with a link pipe, but if you can get a link pipe to fit ok then you ciould pretty much fit ANY can you like.

Try www.gs500e.co.uk aswell for advice.

thank you savoury. about to ask away now. will let you know.

cheer’s fella’.