What would you do?

Hmmm so I parked the bike this morning at my usual place (brand new 600) and as I was putting the lock on a scooter rider swoops in and parks opposite me, whilst doing this he manages to hit my front wheel and on putting his steering lock on puts his front tire against mine I didn’t know what to do, he didn’t say sorry or anything so I felt like twatting him one but theres cctv there so I decided againt it.

Anyway he just ran off to get to work without a word so what should I have done?

a) Given him a good shoeing?

b) Shouted at him

c) let it go

the reason I didnt react is pretty simple, if I had I couldn’t do it calmly I would have simply launched into him thus causing a pretty good argument, the problem with this is that city pricks folk like these will scratch your bike etc when you’re not there (having no guts at all) so I’m reluctant to start an argument. Even if you talk politily to these people they get offended with the same result.

Anyway I was just wondering if you would have done anything differently, it occurred to me afterwards to move his bike and park it elsewhere but its too late now

This does happen now and again and tbh I’m gonna really twat someone badly soon…

Talk calmly to the scooter rider and explain that you are quite concerned that he has damaged your bike and that a small thing like a scratch on your tank is liable to cost him £200-300. Money talks, next time he will be a bit more cautious. Ranting doesnt help as he most likely doesnt give a s**t but £300 is a lot of money and that will give him pause for thought. If that doesnt work then “fall over” and accidently knock his scooter over

actually i would have just said something like "oi you just clipped my front tyre, now either bow down and kiss the mo^%a f^£king ring, or kiss your a$$ goodbye.

everyone has their own method of persuasion.

lol - first reply sensible

second reply the one I really want to do - mind u money does talk so you maybe right there…

Thats the problem with the congestion charge a load of muppets have joined the world of riding a scooter and they have no care or clue about people who actually love there bikes and have it as a passion rather than a mode of transport. Kick his scooter over when you leave work later!


Go with Terry’s recommendation, or do whaat I did which is grag their scooter out of the bay onto a yellow line so they get a ticket. It’s Karma of sorts.

I like that idea… just push it just outside the lines.

ooooooooooh this subject makes my blood boil. gets me real mad. I would have said something personally. I can’t stand the city scooter fraternity. they don’t look, don’t consider other riders, don’t indicate, drive appalling, only ride in momo lid and suit, and most of all give bikers a bad name. Argggggggghhhhhhhh.

for your info - http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=37&MessageID=98558

I returned to my bike one evening to find a scooter wedged up against it. I couldn’t even get the bike up of the side stand to squeeze out so started dragging the scooter out of the bay when the owner turns up and start having a go at me for moving it…I explained that they had completely wedged me in but they still carried on ranting so I just dropped the scooter walked over to my bike and rode off. Haven’t parked there since in case they wait for me with some mates to get some retribution…Only use NCP these days.

seriously at those pictures - if I had come back to find them parked like that I would have flipped those scooters on the ground and no mistake (wow - I would have FLIPPED!) I think the move onto the yellow line is very good - I’ll do that next time.

Hopefully the scooter tards will just fall off and badly injure themselves (as many are reported to be doing - 50% increase in scooter casulaties last year with bike casualties even dropping) , stupid ******s in their shirtsleeves

to be fair its an isolated incident and frankly compared to what you get in London (linked pictures) i’m probably doing ok. Thanks for the tips


moving their bike out the bay is good but when you finished . put a cheap lock and chain on it for them as well. then they cant go anywhere…

If no damage, I’d let it go

Get real…you shall not inherit the earth like that…

I agree just backing off is why these idiots think they can treat your stuff like this in the first place, no consequences means no reaction…

Salee - Not sure if you commute every day but no one expects bubble wrap but I do expect common courtesy?? - You get it from bikers so why not scooter riders? You dont see car drivers just backing into each other and blocking another car in at the car park?

“OR ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES” you’re saying I deserve to get my bike bashed and scratched because I actually use my bike as opposed to weekend summer time only saddos? That attitude is extremely sad…you’ve lost the battle with these people already…

I’ll lock him up tonight with my spare disclock - hope he has a nice journey home

good luck with that!

I feel your anguish and understand how you feel completely, I really do. I hope you can find a solution.