What would you do with 7.6 days of annual leave?

I’ve 7.6 days of annual leave to take between now and the end of the year. A couple of years ago I went to Egypt for 2 weeks to go windsurfing. It was a solo mission and sadly the resort was full of young families, then there was an events organiser guy who kept trying to set me up with the local fluzie (sadly that wasn’t part of the all inclusive deal) then I got gastrointeritus and spent 3 days in my hotel room and another 3 days getting used to eating again. So anyway that was a pretty crap holiday and waste of money. Are there any safer more fun bets. I’ve not got tonnes of budget. A mountain bike trip or something might be nice. Will probably be a solo mission again as most of my friends are settled down with girlfriends and won’t let me take their girlfriend on holiday with me. It’s a bit late in the year for touring. Any thoughts?

Haha yeah I feel for you, same here everyone’s all settled down and boring! :smiley: So you’re looking for something more adventurous?

southern spain or morroco will still be warm and have good mountain biking.

I was hoping to go back to andalucia for a few days off road biking this autumn but doesn’t look like I’ll get round to it. I reckon 3 days enduro & 3 days mountain biking would be a great holiday, with a day by the pool at the end to relax. Dunno what you’d do with 0.6 of a day though :unsure:

Was kind of thinking the same. - I was going to have a look into this http://www.ridersofthelosttrail.com/

Pyrenees. Speak to rob for routes. Lovely.

How do you get .6 of a days leave???

Stay in bed wanking and eating pizza.

It’s good for the soul.

Where I work it’s cumulative, it accumulates at a rate of 1.6 days a month. As I started in March I’ll work 10 months this year so I get 10 * 1.6 = 16.6. I’ve already taken 9 so I’ve got 7.6 left.

Do you have to work in between christmas and NY? if you do take 24, 27, 28 off - though I sometimes like working them as it was less hours for the same money and we did less work cause all the other firms were on holiday haha. if you do work or the office is closed use them 3 days to take off in November and have a couple long weekends :smiley:

then do a 4 day week for the rest of December by taking a day off, either the Monday or Friday off - personally i’d do the Monday as Friday’s after work near christmas were always interesting :wink:

Lisbon, Portugal - now 30deg. Good waves too for a proper stand-up surfing.

Fly to Tenerife and rent a bike when you’re there?

I’m going to Portugal weekend after next :smiley:

If you want a mountain bike trip, head up to glentress in scotland, or someone in midwales which I guess is closer to home.

I quite like the man-made trails…lots of fun, just don’t have any off’s :wink:

Routes through the Pyrennees. How do I find Rob?

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I’m not delivering!

stretchbev (19/09/2012)

Was kind of thinking the same. - I was going to have a look into this http://www.ridersofthelosttrail.com/[/quote]

Highy recomend them, Phil (the owner) is a really nice guy and really enthusiastic about the biking and the area generally. I’d be back there tomorrow if I could get away from work.

I’ve done a brief report on here somewhere about my experience.

Joby, shame we never spoke about this before, I had next week off could of done France/Alps, I have just recently booked to join the other half in Costa Blanca Spain :crazy:

Didn’t get a chance to go away on the bike this year, but next year?? Umm

Always fancied riding to Alicante, sun always shines! 30 degrees at the mo…