What Winter Textiles?


I am looking into buying a winter suit. Something comfortable, good protection and fit at a nice friendly price. The problem is, most textile suits I see people wearing end up looking like the michellin guy so im looking into something which has a slimmer fit.

Any ideas?

Personally I am a fan of HG as the price is right but I have heard good things about Halvarssons (and I found a dealer in a scooter shop in Fulham so will check them out this weekend), Swedes do know a thing or two about the cold .

Right with you on HG stuff. I’ve got some goretex trousers and a jacket. Both have thermal linings are and as warm as toast, plus the usual ce armour & hiprotec. Honestly, you won’t look like a michelin man. Rukka is also good but more expensive, depends on your budget.

I got the Cruise GTX Jacket/Pants combo from Hein Gericke and im very pleased with them, although i havent done a winter in them yet, ive done a lot of riding in the rain and am happy to report no leaks.

I got the HG Cruise jacket last year and wore it through the winter. It’s a great jacket, very warm and totally waterproof. I’ve just bought a pair of bottom of the range Rukka Goretex trousers for this winter and with the LB discount when I got them from Infinity they weren’t a great deal more expensive than the HG trousers!

I too have the HG Cruise Jacket and Pants.

I also use the HG Devon Pants.

Great kit, a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for, as they say.

All my HG Gore-tex kit has been thoroughly tested in heavy rain and it does what it’s supposed to.

I do give it a clean and a coat of Nikwax restorer every couple of months.

Don’t go for Frank Thomas (IMO) got a jacket last year and it’s falling to bits already…If I ever meet Frank I’ll tell him what I think of his gear for sure…

Off to the NEC - will be tempted by Rukka but will either get more cheap rubbish from the show…I* should go to HG…

have you thought about rev-it stuff lab jacket £199.99

we also sell rukka and m-tech

macp if your Frank Thomas Gear is falling apart then you should take it back, it has a two year guarentee on it… Frank Thomas have bought out a strike 2 textile jacket and trousers this season and I think they are very good. Very reasonably priced too.

I will take it back but the way it’s going there won’t be much left to take back at this rate…

Hey thanks for the advice!

Does Hein Gericke have a website i can check out?

It’s an odd fact but you can see the Frank Thomas retuns pile from the moon. It takes 43 Eddie Stobard trucks to get it to the BMF “show”…alledgely!

You’re right - there’s a large surplus of FT stuff at the NEC - I gave it a wide berth - learnt my lesson npow just deciding on a Halvarsson or Rukka…

Well id swear by the Dainese kit, i last winter bought the new GT400 all season d-dry jacket with all armour and built in kidney belt, its warm, 110% waterproof, and comftable, and above all reasonably well priced. I also bought the matching trousers, which also come with the armour and i can zip the two together as an all in one suit, so im toasty warm.

I also have the fantastic ziong gloves, again d-dry but fully warm and waterproof. Brilliant kit!

my mates swears by this gear! he’s been using it for a while through the winter and never had a complaint about it!


i myself think the HG gear is brilliant. the Dainese gear is fine if you are stick thin like westie, but it doesn’t really cater for the more average person

What I found with my FT gear is that it soaks up the rain rather than deflecting it. So you end up waterlogged on the outside if still dry on the inside. Takes yonks for it to dry out and creates puddles in the house.

Otherwise, I’m still wearing it - 3rd winter running - and it’s still okay. Admittedly, I do wear 15 denier under the trousers on days like this and have a long sleeved top and fleece under the jacket - but still very warm.

What about wearing an oversuit over leathers and a good warm balaclava?

Does this do the trick?

Ive been wearing my balaclava last couple of days and its brilliant, lovely and warm, stops neck dargught etc but i do feel and look like a criminal when I take my helmet off as Ive got one of the 2 holes and a mouth style

Take a look at the jackets from a company called Racer.

Apparently its a guy in Austria (i think) who has a small factory where they hand make all there gear, but that could be just sales talk.

I can honestly say the jacket i’ve got is without doubt the best i have owned, warm, waterproof, very well made and best of all very cheap, £130 because its not a big name brand.