What tyres for Yamaha virago?

Need to change my tyres before winter season, any recommendation for brand for yamaha virago 535? ideally good grip on wet (since we are in uk)

Oh dear

Avon Roadrider, although it looks like you’ll need an Avon Cobra for the rear

Do Bridgestone BT45 fit a Virago? They worked really well on my old CB500.

It looks like a 90/90 19 front and a 140/90 15 rear although I could be wrong. Cruises are sometimes finicky with tyres, all to do with the geometry, centre of gravity etc.

@PaulaDe Enter here ( http://www.mytyres.co.uk/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?dsco=110&cart_id=34861872.110.23865&m_s=1&s_p=Motorbike_Tyres )sizes you need, and choose whatever you feel fits your wallet.