what tunes do you have on your ipod/mp3

to make you smile to yourself.

i have 3 on my ipod

the dickies- banana splits

bloodhound gang - she’s got no legs

frank zappa - cant happen here

Did you buy a dodgy Chinese copy iPod or something with a tiny memory? Just got us a pair of the new iPod Shuffle’s, loving them. Auto-Filling seems to work most times, so a mix of house, breakbeat, pop, hip hop, trance, dnb, electro, etc.

Too many!!! I’ve got a mad mixture from Coldplay to Transvision Vamp to DMX, not to mention some mad african music my other half has put on there

no a 1500 track 6gb mini from apple in the states they are louder than uk ones.

im going to by a 20gb/40gb soon as i need more space to add all my cd’s

I’d do a list… but 3093 songs seems a bit excessive to write down here!

I’ve just moved computers so I’ve had a clear out (I had over 5000) and unfortunately 5 years of ‘most listened to’ stats went with the machine… my top 10 at the moment is dominated by Norah Jones and and Alicia Keys… I think the Mrs has got to my computer!

Listening to Big Bad Voodo Daddy at the moment - stunning sounds.

I’ve got a 60 gig mp3 player and it’s very nearly full, so I’ll spare you the play list. It involves a lot of stoner rock and metal, tho And some er… Blondie. cough

I got the 60gig aswell, an absolute mixture from Maralyn Manson to the Pet Shop Boys, The Doors to the whole Euphoria collection.

But I always keep going back to Coldplay, Texas and I have got right into the new Kasabian album.

The Dickies !!! LOL, you might as well delete the other two songs

I have the Dickies version of Paranoid as my ringtone, it always makes me smile . . .

my misses has public image buy public image ltd on hers